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Grilled Cheese
muenster cheese melted between slices of sourdough with sautéed spinach and caramelized onions (Revival & Truck)

Truffle BLT
bacon, arugula, tomato, avocado and truffle aioli on Texas toast  (Revival)

Buffalo Chicken

fried chicken strips tossed in our buffalo sauce on an egg bun with blue cheese sauce and a celery salad (Truck only)


Smoked turkey breast on a pretzel bun with avocado, cucumber, arugula and basil aioli (Revival & Truck)

Duck PB & J

cashew butter, pepper jelly, duck confit and shaved celery  toasted on our rustic sourdough bread (Revival only)

Meatball Sub

meatballs in marinara sauce, shaved fennel, spicy breadcrumbs and fresh oregano on a baguette (Truck only)


bacon, avocado, caramelized onions (Revival & Truck)


tossed in our rosemary salt (Truck only)

Truffle Fries 

our house fries topped with truffle aioli (Truck only)

Spicy Sesame Fries

our house fries topped with spicy sesame aioli and black sesame seeds (Truck only)

Bacon Dill Slaw

Shredded cabbage, carrots, bacon, fresh dill, olive oil & vinegar (Revival only)

Caesar Salad 

Romaine, house made sourdough croutons, cucumbers, tomatoes and shaved Parmesan cheese (Revival only)


Daily Specials

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies (Revival only)

**Menu items change frequently, please check our Facebook or Twitter for most up to date selections.